Balkan - 8 Negara: 13 Hari, 10 Malam

Italy-Croatia-Bosnia & Herzegovina-Montenegro-Albania-Macedonia-Bulgaria-Turkey

Package Includes :

  • Return Flight with 25 – 30kg luggage allowance and 7kg hand luggage.
  • Hotel accommodation of 3 star or 4 star and similar. 
  • Service of long distance coach from arrival to departure.
  • Tour are guide by English and Malay speaker.
  • Daily breakfast and halal dinner pack.
  • Drinking water will be provided per person.

Exclusions :

  • Lunch and Optional entrance fee
  • Tipping RM250 per person throughout the tri

 Package price per-person (RM)

Dates Price Extra Season
22 JUN - 04 JUL 2019 6,599 - Summer 
20 JUL - 1 AUG 2019 6,599 - Summer 
10 AUG - 22 AUG 2019 6,599 - Summer
7 SEP - 19 SEP 2019 6,599 - Summer 
21 SEP - 3 OCT 2019 6,599 - Summer 
5 OCT - 17 OCT 2019 6,599 - Autumn
19 OCT - 31 OCT 2019 6,599 - Autumn
2 NOV - 14 NOV 2019 6,599 - Autumn
16 NOV - 28 NOV 2019 6,599 - Autumn
23 NOV - 5 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Autumn
27 NOV - 9 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Autumn
1 DEC - 13 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
05 DEC - 17 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
7 DEC - 19 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
8 DEC - 20 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
10 DEC - 22 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
14 DEC - 26 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
15 DEC - 27 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
18 DEC - 30 DEC 2019 6,599 300 Winter
Extra for Single Room RM1500 ( All days )  

Sila pilih mana-mana tarikh yang di atas dan masukan tarikh tersebut pada Borang Sebutharga di bawah, lepas itu kami akan emailkan pakej lengkap kepada anda..

Pakej adalah tertakluk kepada kekosongan tempat.

Kod Pakej: JG-KS-Balkan[13D10N]​​​​​​


Day 1 Arrival Milano. 
Meet and greet by your tour guide. Panorama city tour (from coach) and walking tour, starting from Sforza castle – a castle built in 15th century by Duke of Milan. Then heading to Duomo cathedral and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Italy's oldest active shopping mall and a major landmark of Milan. Free time. Afternoon departure to Venice. At 20:00h dinner in hotel. Overnight in Venice area. 

Day 2 
At 08:00h private boat trip (35 minutes ride) through the Venetian lagoon to San Marco square in Venice (UNESCO). Free time for gondola, Canale Grande and just wandering in Venice small streets and channels. At 13:00 back to coach and stop for lunch nearby Venice. At 15:00 depart to Zagreb. Arrival 20:00h. Halal dinner in hotel. Overnight in Zagreb. 

Day 3 
At 08:00h city tour of Zagreb. We’ll spend our morning exploring this ultra-walkable city, with our local guide and wandering from Jelačić Square towards the bronze statue of Marija Juric Zagorka, the country’s first female journalist. From there, we head over to Lenuci’s Horseshoe, a lush promenade filled with flowerbeds and fountains. We visit also Dolac opened-air fruit and vegetable market. Finally we do a car ride to Old Town. Free time for shopping. Visit of Islamic center of Zagreb, take lunch packages and proceed to Plitvice lakes (130 km). Boat ride and super-easy hiking tour of UNESCO National Park of Plitvice, walking through 100+ lakes of different size and shape. Late in the afternoon arrival in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina (30 km). Halal dinner in hotel. Overnight in Bihac.

Day 4 
At 08:00 depart to Jajce and visit of water mills – we will spend 1 hour at the unique cluster of little wooden huts once ground local farmers’ wheat into flour during the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Then proceed to medieval Ottoman Town of Travnik in Bosnia & Herzegovina, where 28 protected cultural and historic buildings, most important of them are: the medieval fortress, built in the 15th century, Jeni mosque, which is the oldest building from the Ottoman period and Sulejmanija or Colorful mosque. Free time for lunch and pray in Travnik. Late afternoon arrival in Sarajevo. Halal dinner in hotel. Overnight in Sarajevo. 

Day 5 
At 08:00 Panorama and walking tour of Sarajevo. After a short panoramic tour by coach, we will visit the heart of old Sarajevo - Baščaršija. You can drink some water from the famous fountain Sebilj, on Baščaršija’s main square, which is one of the symbols of Sarajevo. A visit to Svrzo’s House will help you see how people lived during the Ottoman period. You’ll be able to try some real Bosnian coffee in Morića Han, the city’s last caravanserai, and will pay a visit to Bey’s Mosque and hear the story of the man who built most of old Sarajevo – Gazi Husrev Bey. The guided tour ends with a visit to the City Market and Markale Green Market, which was the site of two terrible massacres during the Siege of Sarajevo. Free time till 11:00h. Proceed to Mostar. Lunch and pray in Mostar. Afternoon city tour of Mostar, taking our group to Ottoman Old Town with famous Old bridge (UNESCO), Austro-Hungarian promenades and Yugoslavian huge residential blocks. Accommodation and dinner in hotel in Blagaj (10 km from Mostar). Overnight. 

Day 6 
At 07:30 Depart to Kravice waterfalls (40 km from Mostar) - in spring, this stunning mini-Niagara of 25m cascades pounds itself into a dramatic, steamy fury. Proceed to Dubrovnik (120 km from Kravice) for city tour – the Adriatic pearl. Panoramic tour by coach – highlights of this tour : scenic drive to panoramic views and landscapes, Enjoy panorama, photo break, visit Dubrovnik Old Town, local life experiences and free time for lunch and pray in mosque in Old Town of Dubrovnik. Arrival in Kotor (90 km from Dubrovnik) and panoramic city tour by coach. Free time in Old town. At 20:00hrs arrival in Budva and check-in in hotel. Dinner. Overnight in Budva. 
*City tour of Kotor is arranged on Day 6 during Spring and Autumn, and on Day 7 (next day of tour) during Winter times

Day 7 
Depart from Budva to Tirana. City tour of Tirana - tour will lead you to Skanderbeg square and two typical Albanian bazaars where you can shop like the locals do and gaze at all the clothes and delicious fresh Albanian fruits, vegetables, nuts, olives and herbs. Free time for lunch and shopping. Proceed to Ohrid lake (120 km). Accommodation and dinner in hotel. Overnight in Ohrid. 

Day 8 
Morning tour of Ohrid, a city of UNESCO, with history more than 2 500 years, has Muslim, Christian and Jewish monuments; that is the reason why is called also Balkan Jerusalem. Free time till 10:00 and depart to Skopje (180 km). Panoramic city tour of the Macedonian capital and free time in Old Town where beautiful medieval mosques are situated between multiple shops and bazaars. Until 16:00hrs. Lunch and pray in Old Town of Skopje. Depart to Sofia at 16:00hrs (200 km). Arrival in Sofia 20:00 hrs. Accommodation and dinner. Overnight in Sofia. 

Day 9 
At 08:00 city tour of Sofia. Visit of Banya Bashi mosque and Roman thermal baths. Visit also of Roman excavations from 4th century a.c. Free time for shopping till 11:00hrs and proceed to Istanbul. Accommodation and dinner in hotel. Overnight in Istanbul. 

Day 10 
At 08:00 city tour of Istanbul with local guide – guided visit of Top Kapi palace or Hagia Sophia mosque. Panoramic tour through Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Basilica Cistern and free time to Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar. Back to hotel for dinner and overnight. 

Day 11 
After breakfast free time till transfer to airport. Departure.

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