Day Trip Package(Pulau Redang-Pulau Perhentian-Pulau Lang Tengah-Pulau Redang)


  • Guests gather at Redang Pelangi by 8.30am
  • Boat will leave Redang and head to Pulau Perhentian for snorkeling
  • Lunch at beach
  • Then head off to Pulau Lang Tengah for another snorkeling session
  • Back to Pulau Redang

Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum 10 Guests
  2. We accept booking even if you have less than 10 person, and will confirm booking once we have 10 guests
  3. Redang Pelangi Guests: RM120/person, lunch at Perhentian inclusive
  4. Non Redang Pelangi Guests: RM150/person, lunch at Perhentian inclusive
  5. Guests are required to gather at Redang Pelangi by 8.30am
  6. Boat will leave Redang and head to Pulau Perhentian for snorkeling, lunch at beach, then head off to Pulau Lang Tengah for another snorkeling session, and back to Pulau Redang
  7. This trip is subject weather conditions. In the event of bad weather condition and the trip is cancelled, full refund will be provided.
  8. However, if weather changes in the evening and guests are required to leave early, no refund is provided.
  9. Full payment is required upon confirmation of seats


  • The resort reserves the rights to alter or modify, with or without prior notice, the itineraries, sea transfer & land transfer, due to adverse weather condition, technical problems to transport or circumstances beyond our control or if any part of the package provided is not utilized by the participant/s at own accord and choice; hence, there shall be no compensation paid for such said charges.
  • Every participant under the booking shall be deemed in all respect to carry his/her own risks. It is advisable that all participants are adequately insured for the full duration of the holiday package in respect of illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellations and curtailment when participating in active land and sea based activities.
  • All prices published inclusive of 6% GST, and is valid till October 2018. Prices are subjected to changes without prior notice

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