Pakej lawatan ke Kelantan-Pilgrim Tour(Muslim) 3H2M


> Meet and greet by our representatives once you arrived at Kota Bharu
> Check-in hotel (depends on the arrival time)
> Lunch at local restaurant
> Visit Museum Islamic, Museum Islamic is a place where you can trace the root of Islam in Kelantan. The building itself resemble the mosque-like building. It contains various artifacts and inscriptions documents of how Islam got introduced in Kelantan and how it became such an important element in the everyday life in the state of Kelantan. It was once known to be the Verandah to Mecca also known as 'Serambi Mekah'.
> Visit Jahar palace, Jahar Palace is built by Sultan Muhamad 11 in 1887 for his grandson long returned. It has luxurious woodcarvings that showcase the excellent craftsmanship of the Kelantanese. Apart from that, photographs, artifacts and traditional handicraft reflect on the Kelantan rich and sophisticated heritage. The palace is now converted to a museum, to share the uniqueness and beauty to the world. There are also a Malay Weapon Gallery which becomes the house of many unique weapons such as dagger and knife.
> Dinner at Local Restaurant
> Back to hotel & Free Activity

> Breakfast at hotel.
> Visit, Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah. It is the tourism icon and the shopping symbol especially in terms of clothes and groceries among the tourist and the local citizen.
> Lunch at Local Restaurant
> Visit Masjid Kampung Laut- it is a mosque that is located in Kota Bharu. It is near Nilam Puri and in front of Akademi Pengajian Islam Universiti Malaya Kelantan that is 20km from Kota Bharu city. The actual age of the mosque is unknown. However, judging from the architectural and design, many believes it to be around 300 years. The mosque is also said to be related with the arrival of Islam in Kepulauan Nusantara. Besides being the oldest mosque in the Malaysia, it is also listed as one of the most historical mosque in Southeast Asia, together with Nat Tanjung Mosque and Wadi Hussin in Thailand, Masjid Agung Demak in Jawa, Indonesia and Masjid Kono (Champa, Kemboja).
> Transfer to Bachok for  visit Pondok Moden kandis, PUSAT Pengajian Pondok (PPP), Kandis, Bachok now has been recognized by University al Azhar, Mesir that will provide their students the opportunity to further their studies in Mesir. It was the first `pondok’ that is recognized by University al Azhar in Southeast Asia.
> Dinner at Local Restaurant
> Shopping at Wakaf Che Yeh night market
> Free activity

> Breakfast at hotel.
> Free & easy
> Transfer to Airport / Bus Station/ Railway Station


> Accommodation  2 Nights with daily breakfast ( Twin sharing)
> Meals as per itinerary
> Tour Guide / Driver 
> Transportation
> Entrance fee
> Transfer ( from Airport, Railway Station, Bus Station to hotel)

Harga pakej untuk seorang
HOTEL 2 - 3 4 - 9 10 - 14 15 - 20 21 - 40
2 STAR HOTEL 738 584 520 470 428
3 STAR HOTEL 796 588 578 528 486
4 STAR HOTEL 820 666 602 532 510


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Quotation / Sebutharga percuma
Ruangan 'Pilihan Pakej Anda' di isi secara otomatik mengikut Tajuk Pakej. Jika Pilihan Pakej di atas bukan pakej pilihan anda, sila click di sini
12th ke-atas
Berumur 2th-11th
Nyatakan umur setiap kanak-kanak
Berumur bawah 2 tahun
Naik Flight dari
Cth: Cheras, KL
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Bagaimana kami menguruskan tempahan anda

1. Kami menerima sebutharga anda

Bila anda telah mengisikan Borang Quotation/Sebutharga, anda akan menerima notifikasi di email anda yang anda telah berjaya menghantar kepada kami. Selepas itu, pihak kami akan menerima email anda dan kami akan membuat sebutharga kepada anda sesuai dengan apa yang anda minta dan menghantar sebutharga tersebut di email anda

2. Invoice

Bila anda telah bersetuju dengan sebutharga tersebut, kami akan emailkan invoice yang menerangkan secara terperinci seperti jumlah bayaran, akaun bank dan sebagainya. Kami juga akan emailkan kepada anda Borang Senarai Nama untuk booking bilik penginapan & booking tiket penerbangan (jika pakej anda termasuk kos penerbangan)

3. Bayaran

Apabila kami telah menerima bayaran deposit, maka kami akan emailkan kepada anda resit bayaran sebagai bukti anda telah membayar kepada kami

4. Tempahan

Jika pakej anda termasuk tiket penerbangan, kami akan membuat tempahan tiket penerbangan setelah anda membuat bayaran kepada kami. Tiket atau pengesahan tiket penerbangan akan kami emailkan kepada anda untuk rujukan anda. Kami juga akan menguruskan tempahan bilik hotel, pengangkutan dan sebagainya

5. Lawatan

Sebelum anda bertolak untuk program lawatan, kami akan berikan info-info yang berkaitan seperti; siapakah pemandu atau pemandu pelancong yang akan menunggu anda di lapangan terbang dan sebagainya. Semasa program lawatan, anda boleh menghubungi kami pada bila-bila masa jika anda mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan. Selepas anda pulang, kami akan mendapatkan maklumbalas anda tentang program lawatan tersebut untuk memastikan anda mendapat layanan yang baik dan anda berpuas hati dengan servis yang kami berikan

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